Company-Branded Fanny Packs


Urban Systems is a consulting firm committed to building communities. They were looking for an internal giveaway for staff. They wanted something fun, and gender-neutral, that everybody could use.


We came up with the idea of a fanny pack. Fanny packs are on trend and we are seeing them everywhere. But we took it a step further by proposing a custom fanny pack. We took a close look at the website and came up with a couple of creative ways to represent their brand. The great thing about doing something custom is that the sky is the limit for creativity.


We ended up taking the idea of blueprints for urban planning off the website and that combined with their corporate colors became the basis of the design. The client is thrilled with the end result and they are proudly wearing their fanny packs.


Melissa Milligan photo

Melissa Milligan, CAS, FAM Certified
Senior Promotional Marketing Consultant

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Briana Medwechuk

Briana Medwechuk
Graphic Designer

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