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College Pop-Up Store With Branded Apparel


Bredin College needed an easy way to allow students and staff to purchase branded merchandise with special offerings available only to their staff. The objective was to make this available in order to enhance and enforce their brand. They wanted to build a website that accompanied orders and collected payments. They also wanted to ensure it was easy to organize and distribute the product.


The strategy was to build an online store that was accessible to everyone but created different user levels for students and staff to accompany the special offerings for staff only. When a staff member logged in, it would recognize that user level to permit the viewing of additional items. The store was also set up to process the orders and collect payments through credit cards. Once the store closed, all orders were processed and items distributed together.


The store was well received and created convenience for the end users. The system recognized the user upon login as either a student or a staff member and displayed the categories each was able to view and purchase. Orders were easily processed and payment collected. The product was separated into each order and labelled accordingly for easy distribution at the school.


Kelly Tran

Kelly Tran, B.Sc, MAS, FAM Certified
Promotional Marketing Consultant

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Rob Mandryk, B.COM, CAS, FAM
Program Manager, Virtual Marketing Assistant

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