Clever External Communication


The objective of this promotion was to provide positioning in the marketplace. A clever and sophisticated promotion was required to be mailed for a targeted audience for a specific market and it also was required to be cost-effective.


We selected a “Flip IT” promotional marketing printed piece. This multi-dimensional card pulls open to activate the numerous animation panel sequence which conveys the messaging. The message for the target audience included “Inspiration,” “innovation,” “creativity,” “partnership” and “results.” As you pulled the tab out, it revealed the communication through animation. On the back of the card, there was additional text to complete the messaging regarding the keywords. Lastly, a contest was also created to gauge the effectiveness of the promotion. A $250 prize was awarded to a recipient of the promotion who provided feedback.


This promotion was successful in the client’s growth. It surpassed all expectations and resulted in a huge increase in sales revenue.