Charitable Valentine’s Day Social Media Event


A charitable social media post was requested to attract attention and GOODWILL with the hope of strengthening existing client relationships as well as developing new ones. The objective also required the inclusion of a product offering (POS) and had to also capture video of the charitable donation being transferred to the local charity.


A collaborative & creative process took place to not only discover the right social media platforms to post on but also the right product offering and marketing content for publishing. A “love of giving back” theme was created which included the ability for 300 pairs of socks to be donated. A local charity was selected, called YESS or Youth Empowerment & Support Service. The theme comprised a clever 1 + U = 3 motto (u meaning you). This motto was built upon the ability of each pair of socks purchased creating an additional charitable donation value. Therefore, when someone purchased 1 pair of socks, 2 additional pairs would be donated FREE of charge to YESS. The socks were custom-made and beautifully designed to include a belly band for marketing purposes. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter were the platforms selected because of the target audience being located there. The posts were made on Valentine’s Day, fitting for a giving back theme and all posts included a clever GIF that had rose peddles raining down during the post.


On 02/14/2019 (Valentine’s Day Post) – 10.6 THOUSAND impressions were made on Twitter within 91 days. We also had 1,995 People Reach, 203 Engagements, totalling 3,308 total impressions on Facebook. A total of 5287 impressions were made on LinkedIn with 58 likes. On the 2nd post, a short 1-minute video was produced to capture our donation along with our staff and vendor partner. The use of videos significantly increases the reach, engagement (likes, reactions, shares, comments) and impression rate on all our social media platforms. Following the Valentine’s Day post, a donation of 300 pairs of socks to a local charity. On 9/06/2019 (YESS Donation video) a 1,053 People Reach, 204 Engagements, and were made equaling 1,667 additional impressions. Business following this promotion also spiked!


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