Creative logo self promo



We wanted to develop a NEW, fresh and smart prospecting tool to initiate conversation/discussion and drive new business. We also wanted to shake up & WAKE UP our prospects to a new brand … the Creative brand.


Our sales team challenged themselves and their prospecting efforts by analyzing when, how and what the most favorable method and approach to prospecting should be. We learned that all our prospecting commonly occurred during the morning AND that we were more successful during that time. We determined that a useful, desktop item would provide visibility to multiple audiences within an office and this promotion was also required to include a trending promo product or two. Therefore, we determined that a “Bacon and Eggs” promotion would be our best approach. How would our prospects react to a sales rep indicating that they were “bringing over Bacon & Eggs?” Well, it was tried, it was tested and it became our true method or approach to prospecting. These promotional items were also dropped off or couriered to our target audience depending on the circumstance.

We combined a colorful coffee mug (with our Creative colors), a slogan that would introduce and promote our new brand “Wake up to BRAND new day!” Included was a custom Creative Keurig Pod which was one of the most recognized brands in the world at the time and handmade cookies in the shape of bacon and eggs. To top it off we created a hang tag with our slogan and our logo, as well, as hashtags for our prospects to share their connection externally … #makingconnections (via Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook).

****Late Addition to this promotion
When “Bacon & Eggs” weren’t enough to start the conversation, we had a backup plan. Just recently we stumbled across a humorous trending promotional product. The iCup! What is it? Well, back when apple and blackberry were just fruits, iCups were the first SMARTPHONES. Why? Because they brought people TOGETHER! In today’s world and especially today’s economy, brands are not enough. We feel that they need to be smart or CLEVER BRANDS! We believe we achieved this through the strategic use of this intelligent and FUN promotion.


Not only did we see a 400% increase in prospecting from our reps, we experienced growth in each of the six months following this promotion. The original order of Bacon & Eggs was 250 pieces and we have since repeated the order. We also ordered 100 iCups for prospects who did not return our calls or proactively communicate with us. Initial results are high from the iCups but no quantitative stats are available at this time.