Creative logo and the project's title "Build A Strong Brand Look"



We needed to make a bold statement in the marketplace that our agency is CREATIVE, savvy and sophisticated.  We actively wanted to re-engage our clients with our NEW, fresh, vibrant brand.


The rebrand of our business cards, envelopes, notepads, catalogue flags, pens, etc. was a way to honour our history by preserving the essence of our original brand while providing a fresh new spin on CREATIVE’S offering.  We collaborated with our team to build our NEW LOGO, add color and design to our stationery so that our agency/team would feel proud to showcase our brand. In other words, we wanted our team to announce that “we’re established, but forward-thinking” which was attained through the assistance of our creative services department.


Our rebrand has increased business leads by having our prospects take a serious look at our agency and indicating to them that we are at the forefront of CREATIVITY.  It has also encouraged existing clients to take a second look at our full product/service range which has resulted in an increase in not only repeat business but new business.