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Bringing French Sign Language to the Table & On the Go


The director of Les Petits Oursons – Francophone Daycare came to CREATIVE in search of items to encourage the use of French Sign Language. The goal was to provide parents, educators, and children (1-5 years old) with materials that displayed signs and gestures that are commonly used to help infants and toddlers communicate emotions and desires prior to spoken language development. These materials needed to be in French to support their mission of promoting the French language and build the foundations of each child’s future success while developing durable bilingualism.


Due to the young ages in their program, we narrowed it down to signs and gestures that communicate simple needs or wants. We chose products that would serve a dual purpose; to be educational but also useful and convenient. These laminated placemats and bookmarks were the perfect fit for this project! Together, with the help of our Creative Services Department, we designed custom artwork for each item and brought the client’s vision to life.


These materials are being used as part of a package that the families will receive upon registering to the program as another means to support their desire to communicate in French but in an alternative way. The bookmark acts as a quick emotions reference guide and a great tool to help parents and caregivers support and encourage young children to express how they feel. With the quick reference guide placemats, we say goodbye to mealtime frustrations and hello to positive interactions around the dinner table!


Michelle Reidy