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Branding, Business Cards & Promotional Apparel


Our client came to us with a need for an official logo and branding guidelines, which were crucial to his future promotions of the 2 Mutts Podcast. Promotional apparel needed to be ordered as well and it was also the reason why this client chose to invest in official branding at this point.


This client already had some ideas for the direction of the brand. Communication at the beginning of a branding project is crucial to determine the right path in terms of the visual aspects of the brand, such as style, colours, fonts and graphics, but also the overall character of the brand. Through discussions with the client, research and rounds of logo options, we found the winning logo. The graphics helped unpack the brand – a hockey-related podcast. The colours and fonts went with the theme and bold look the client was after. This logo made an impact on light and dark backgrounds. A set of brand guidelines was created to strengthen the future use and consistency of the brand. Following that, business cards were produced.


Our client was extremely happy with the final logo. With a new logo and brand guidelines, 2 Mutts Podcast was ready for ordering apparel that could be used in future promotions. From branding and stationery to promotional apparel, 2 Mutts Podcast is now set to create positive brand impressions moving forward!


Anna Paczkowska

Anna Paczkowska, FAM Certified
Creative Director, Executive Virtual Marketing Assistant

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Melissa Couch photo

Melissa Couch, CAS, FAM
Promotional Marketing Consultant, Virtual Marketing Assistant

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