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Branded Festival Trampoline Socks


The Daedalum Luminarium is a great, new attraction at the International Children’s Festival this year. It was an inflatable, walk-in structure that provided a spectacular sanctuary of light, colour and sound. No shoes were allowed, so the client wanted to offer socks with some traction for people who might not be wearing socks.


We needed a cost-effective sock for both adults and children that could be branded with the Festival logo. The Children’s Festival logo is very colourful so we wanted to be able to draw on some of those bright colours for the product. We were able to find what the client needed.


The client was thrilled with how the socks turned out and the Daedalum Luminarium was a blast for all who attended the festival’s attraction!


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Melissa Milligan, CAS, FAM Certified
Senior Promotional Marketing Consultant

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