Bold & Brash Recognition Award



In July 2019, the Winning Poker Network (WPN) and its flagship poker site were awarded a Guinness World Record. To celebrate its success and new record for the largest cryptocurrency jackpot ever for an online poker tournament, an outrageous medal was required.


We sourced the Simba’s Dual Plated Champ Chain and decked it out with the text  “Winning Poker Network King of Cryptocurrency” in big bold letters. This award medal weighs 4.33lbs and would allow us to display the Bitcoin logo and allow the recipient to proudly promote their new Guinness World Record.


The Champ Chain was quite the showstopper at the celebration party!  Its massive weight and eye-catching brash design astounded everyone. Additionally, its dominating presence provided Rafael “TheBigKid” Moraes the ability to showed off his new online poker championship in bold fashion.


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