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Anniversary Gift For Employees & Shareholders


Quantiam Technologies was celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2018 and was looking for a gift for employees and shareholders.  They had a specific request that the gift must be an item anyone can use yet it also must reflect the scientific industry our client is part of.


This project’s objective was quite unique but we are always ready for a challenge! And when we found this original glass mug, we knew we had a winner and the client confirmed that this was, in fact, the perfect choice.  This beaker-shaped mug is an everyday use item, yet completely resonates with the client’s specific industry! With the measure on one side and the Quantiam’s anniversary logo on the other side, this one item became a memorable gift!


Vanessa, the CREATIVE Consultant in charge of this project was right on the mark with her original idea. Quantium Technologies thought that the mug made a clever, unique and memorable gift, and it was well-received by its recipients.