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A Special Gift For Staff Children


Every year SMS Equipment plans a Christmas party for the children of staff across the country. Due to the pandemic,  a new plan had to be made. Our client came to us searching for a gift that could be sent out and shipped to branches across Canada.


Soft and super cute, Morris the Moose was an obvious choice to be sent out along with a gift card to each child. All of the Moose, wearing shirts branded with the client’s logo, were individually packed with a gift certificate of choice and shipped to all the branches by a team of volunteers. SMS Equipment always strives to celebrate the hard work and dedication of their staff as evidenced by their tagline Our People Define Us. The Moose is also a fitting symbol of the Pride and Strength of the team.


The generous gift was well received and much appreciated by staff around Canada, especially their children! Many Thank You emails were sent to the organizers for the special treat.


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Lisa Reid, B.Ed, CAS
Senior Promotional Marketing Consultant

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