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A Printed Leave Behind Brochure


Our client needed a printed leave-behind to be included in welcome bags/info kits given away in hospitals to new mothers of children undergoing a diagnosis of Autism.


Together with the client, we decided on a 3-fold brochure that can quickly communicate Norther Star’s benefits. Taking into account that our target audience would be new mothers coming home from the hospital, dealing with enough life changes at the moment, we knew the brochure should not be too overwhelming in terms of too much information, but rather comforting and reassuring that there is help available. The content writer worked in collaboration with the designer to ensure this goal was completed. The brochure also followed the same visuals found on the website for the continuation of messaging and consistent branding. A QR code was added for easier access to the website if the reader was seeking additional information. The QR code itself was custom-created with the client’s logo.


These 3-fold brochures are a great way to communicate services and were the perfectly sized leave-behind to include in hospital info kits. They are a great physical reminder of Northern Star’s services and are a cost-effective tool that can be used over and over again.


Eilish Lemieux
Editor & Copywriter

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Anna Paczkowska

Anna Paczkowska, FAM Certified
Creative Director, Executive Virtual Marketing Assistant

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