Original Gift Idea With A Quick Turnaround


We were asked to produce a special THANK YOU gift for someone who was traveling on a family vacation. We were required to select a product that was personalized, provided high perceived value and also was easy to pack.


We determined that a custom towel with the recipient’s last name would check off all the necessary requirements. Therefore, a sublimated SUPER SOFT TOWEL was created. But instead of just spelling out the last name, we created a “Resort & Spa” logo out of it and we added a tropical background within the lettering. This scenery resembled the tropical destination of the family traveling on vacation. Additionally, we personalized each towel with the first name on the right-hand bottom corner so that each family member knew right away which towel was theirs.


This product was successful in achieving the goal of “authentic gratitude.” We were also informed that this gift was useful and that it was going to be used on all future families vacations.


Pete Kmech Photo