A New Website For A Promotional Products Firm


Six Twenty Six, a long-term client of ours, has entrusted us with their digital marketing needs once again. This time, they have asked us to create a new website that not only decreases loading speeds and improves user experience but also showcases their commitment to sustainability, highlights their projects, and becomes a powerful lead generation tool with expert SEO.


To achieve the objectives set by Six Twenty Six for their new website, we crafted a comprehensive strategy that prioritized speed, design, user experience, and SEO. Our first step was to choose a modern hosting provider and website theme builder, which helped us to decrease loading times and improve website speed. We then gave the brand new life with a modern design and layout that aligned with their message of sustainability and promotional products. We simplified the menus to enhance the user experience, making it easier for visitors to find the information they need. One of our key features was building a project gallery to showcase Six Twenty Six’s work, highlighting their achievements and services. Our content writer went deep in breaking down their commitment to sustainability, educating visitors about their environmental initiatives. Lastly, our SEO expert worked hard to ensure the website ranks on the first page for all their services, boosting their online visibility and generating organic leads.


Six Twenty Six is ecstatic about their new website, which has exceeded their expectations and established them as an industry leader. With decreased loading speeds, visitors can easily navigate the website and explore the company’s services. The enhanced user experience is further complemented by expert content breakdown of their services and commitment to sustainability, making it an outstanding selling and lead generation tool. The website has helped Six Twenty Six connect with potential customers and showcase their dedication to providing exceptional promotional product services while prioritizing environmental sustainability. All in all, the company is thrilled with their new website and the product we generated.

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