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We’ll require further information in order to provide an effective strategy for your marketing project or campaign.
Please provide as much information or clarity to your answers below.

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a. What is the primary objective of this project or campaign?

b. What specific product or service are you offering?

c. What is the specific message you want to get across to your target audience?

d. Is there a specific value offering? Is your product or service unique in any way? Is it being discounted or is there any added value being offered?

e. What is the span of the campaign? (leave empty if unsure)

f. What are the media platforms you wish to use for this campaign?


a. DEMOGRAPHIC: Details regarding your target audience (age, gender, income)?

b. PSYCHOGRAPHIC: What is the lifestyle of the target audience (everyday people, business owners, interests)?

c. GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION: What area are you wanting to target (Cost for ads will increase based on larger areas & cities)?


a. Is the goal to SPECIFICALLY increase awareness?

b. Or, is the goal to SPECIFICALLY increase leads & sales? If yes, what number of leads or sales would make this campaign successful?

3. FURTHER INFORMATION… did we forget anything?