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There’s a lot of hype surrounding swag boxes these days and for good reason. SWAG boxes, which now include bags, backpacks, tubes and other packaging options, are a proven means of creating brand awareness and loyalty. When cleverly curated products are added to them, these packages can help win the hearts and minds of prospects, staff or customers and especially younger generations. Our NEW CUSTOM or PRE-CURATED options allow you to engage with your target audience through colourful targeted packaging delivered right to each recipient’s home or office.

Welcome Aboard SWAG Kit
First Day SWAG Set
Pass The Remote SWAG Box
Whiskey SWAG Box Gift Set
Canadian Charcuterie SWAG Kit
Handy Helper SWAG Box with Decal
Steak SWAG Box
Creativity SWAG Box
Welcome SWAG Kit
Fully Customizable SWAG Boxes
Inside & Out
A Taste of Canada SWAG Box
Kick Start SWAG Box
Chicken SWAG Box
Fiesta SWAG Box
Salmon SWAG Box
Cafe Royale SWAG Box
Custom SWAG Bags
On The Go Branded Mini Sewing Kit
Canadian Sugar SWAG Bag
Custom Natural Kraft Mailer
Custom Plastic SWAG Bags
On The Go Branded Manicure Kit
Branded Pop-Can Packaging
Curated Products Inside Your SWAG Box
Fully Customizable Tissue Paper
On The Go Branded Reusable Utensil Kit
Fully Customizable Giftwrap
SWAG Boxes with Locally Sourced
& Non-Traditional Promotional Products
Branded Plastic SWAG Bags

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