Redefine: Eco + Sustainable

“Redefine” is about sustainability. It’s about repurposing, reconstructing and redefining the way we to live and the products we use in more eco-friendly and socially conscious ways. A great example is the growing consumer preference for “Quiet Luxury,” which references high-quality, timeless styles with elevated materials that have longevity.

Recycled Plastic Car Tray
Tool Tote that CONVERTS
into a Bucket Bag
Modern Sprout®
Glow & Grow Live Well Gift Set
Cell Phone Bean Bag Chair
with Sustainable Properties
Active Recycled Polyester Bucket Hat
Type-C Bamboo USB Hub
with Stand

Eco & Customizable
Candy Packaging

Bamboo Round Serving Trays

Recycled Canvas Backpack
Eco-Friendly Aluminum Bubbles
Recycled Canvas Bags
Active 6-Panels Recycled Polyester Cap
Cups with Tea Bags Built-In
Digital Business Cards
Water Bottle That Contributes To
Giving Projects Around the World
Full-Colour Branded Biodegradable Journal

Water Bottle with Braided Strap
Branded Portable Everywhere Chair
Recycled Canvas Fanny Pack
QR Code Wood Cube
plant-made PopSockets
Plant-Made PopSocket

Eco Stainless Steel Water Bottle
Collapsible Full Colour Backpack
polyresin adirondack chair
PolyResin Adirondack Chair
custom imprinted chocolates in gift box
Custom Imprinted Chocolates In Gift Box
eco wireless charger
Eco Wireless Charger

Cork Pen & Linen Notebook

Solar Decorative LED Mason Jar
Tree Of Life Serving Board
Cork Notebook
Custom Recycled Ballpoint Pen
Bamboo Bottle Opener
bamboo wireless charger
Bamboo Wireless Charger
18 oz Glass Bottle with Bamboo
Accented Lid and Silicone Sleeve
hand-carved wood bowls and boards
Hand-Carved Wood Bowls & Boards
Organic Cotton Juniper Blanket
Custom All Over Print On Apparel

Eco Ballpoint Pen
100% Recycled Cotton Apparel
with Closed-Loop Capabilities

Bamboo Ballpoint Pen
Natural Wooden Coaster
100% Recycled Glassware
Assorted Succulents in White Round Box

Round Cheese Paddle
Acacia Boards
Eco-Lifestyle Lunch Box Set
Bamboo Store & Go Container
Wooden Wheel Barrow Blossom Kit
Recycled Full-Colour Branded Flannel Blanket
Washable Lunch Bags
Personalized Private-Label Lip Balms
Branded Plantable Pencils
100% Recyclable
Cardboard Piggy Bank
Branded Bamboo Wireless Charger
Retractable Infinity Pencil
Bamboo Cutting Board with Handle
Bamboo Lunch Box
With Cutting Board Lid
On The Go Branded Reusable Utensil Kit
Trio Blossom Kit
Branded Bamboo Desk Organizer
Recycled Cotton Tote With Snap
Bamboo & Linen Notebook
Recycled Tote Bag
Contributes To Giving Projects
Virtual & Real Forests
Bamboo Fast Wireless Charging Pad
Bamboo Ballpoint Pen
Wooden Cube Blossom Kit
Notebook, Pen Holder & Pen
Unique Sustainable Cork Award
Washable Kraft Paper Tote Bag
Full-Colour Washable Snack Bags
Cork Yoga Mat
The Foodie Zip-Pack! Eco-Friendly
Re-Usable Zip Lock Storage Bags
SousChef Branded Cutting Board
5 Culinary Accessories in One
Cork 2-Piece Gift Set
Iridescent Spatula
Cork Fitness Roller

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