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Tech-celeration refers to the idea that innovation is happening faster than ever, bringing ease and convenience to our lives in all-new ways. These are everyday products, but with integrated tech to enhance their functionality. For example, a high-tech mug that maintains the perfect temperature for your coffee all day, or a ‘smart notebook’ that can store your notes and ideas in the cloud using a free app. People use technology every day, so it’s no surprise they want products that fit seamlessly into their lives.

Power Bar with Full-Colour Wrapper
Full-Colour Tech Decoration
Digital Business Card
Golf Tech Kit
Speaker, Charger, Sanitizer, Light
Microphone & Light Ring
H2 Audio Insulated Bottle
with Earbuds and Charger
Full-Colour Branded Headphones
Turntable Bluetooth Speaker
Logo’d Wireless Earbuds & Case
McMic Microphone
Fast, Magnetic Wireless Charging Desk Organizer
Wireless Charger & Mug Warmer/Cooler
Wireless Lollipop Charger
Dust Rover Desktop Vacuum
Oversized Bluetooth Desktop Speaker
Universal Donut Phone/Tablet Stand
Giant Bluetooth Speaker
with LED Full-Front Lighting
Branded Ring Light,
Camera Cover & Phone Stand
Self-Heating Travel Mug
Wireless Range Meat Thermometer
Torch Coolie
Light-Up Branded Drink Koozie
Selfie Cellphone Light
Branded Wireless Speaker
with FREE Custom 6-Second Jingle
20oz Smart Bottle
Branded Wireless Charging
Desk Organizer
Mouse Pad & Charger
Bluetooth Tracking Luggage Tag
with USB Wall Plug
Universal Selfie Light
Collapsible Cell Phone Grip & Stand
Temperature Display Insulated Bottle
Universal Telescoping Smartphone
and Tablet Stand
Branded Notebook with NFC Technology
Ultimate ‘Anywhere’ Workstation Bag
1080P Web Camera & Microphone
Bamboo Lap Desk
Logo’d LED Ice Cubes
Wireless Mousepad
with Pen and Phone Holder
Custom 4-Colour Leather Mousepad
Logo’d Air Purifier
Logo’d LED Light Saber
Multifunctional Coaster
Branded 5-in-1 Cutting Board
Branded Trifold Wireless Desk Pad
Branded Key Ring and Business Card
Otterbox Branded Golf Kit
Logo’d WiFi Porter
Golf Tool Belt & Buckle
Rechargable Electric Candle Lighter
Branded Tile Locater
Multi Function Flashlight,
Camp Light and Power Bank
Add QR Link To Recognition Video
Power Shot Power Bank in Branded Can
Thumbs Up Phone/Tablet Holder
10W Dual Wireless Charging Pad
GRID-IT!® Gadget Organizer

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