Melissa Milligan, CAS
FAM Certified


Twenty two years ago Melissa fell into the marketing industry by chance and she hasn’t looked back. She approaches everything she does with passion, curiosity and humour. If you need a straight forward, unstoppable ambassador for your brand, then Melissa and you will be a great fit. Her experience in the industry means that she will ask the right questions from the beginning and offer up the best solutions to make sure that her clients are happy. Need help with social media, your website, an event? Looking for a brand refresh? Melissa would love to help with that as well. As your project manager, Melissa’s goal is to make your experience with CREATIVE a feel-good one from start to finish.

  • She has 20+ YEARS OF EXPERIENCE with an emphasis on sales and procurement.

  • She is a truth-teller and will do EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to get the job done. You’ll get no false promises.

  • She is always up on the newest industry and decorating trends and this is why she makes CREATIVE IDEAS work for you.

  • She is an animal lovin’, tree huggin’ nature nerd who loves to read and listen to music.

  • She values loyalty and integrity above all else.

Here’s The Good Stuff. Some of Our Best Work Is Featured Below.

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5 start client review

It is not the great insight on marketing, although I appreciate that. It is not the questions that leads me from ‘what’ to ‘why’ leading to a brilliant marketing plan, although, that is so helpful. It is not the ‘right answer’ to my vague questions, although it is why our work together has been excellent. It is the kindred spirit on the phone that lifts my spirit, every time. Thank you, Melissa. You are a beacon of hope in trying times.
Dieter Wentzel

We (ACSLPA) were very impressed with the service we received on our first order. Melissa found the product that was exactly what we needed and it was delivered on time. It’s great to be able to work with a local company. I’m looking forward to dealing with Creative again!
Susan Kraft, ACSLPA

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