LouLou Paczkowska

Security & Head Of Snoring Department

She may be black and white but she lives her life in FULL COLOUR! Thanks to her greatest assets, her googly eyes and bat ears, LouLou has earned herself a position on our security team. The slightest noise and movement will be detected and inspected… unless she is taking one of her frequent naps… During this time she assumes her second most important role within our company as the head of the Snoring Department. Only the best of the best get to hold this title, and she fulfils this role to its full capacity and exceeds expectations with her loud snores and snorts.

  • Snoring is my super power!

  • Rottweiler trapped in a boston terrier’s body

  • Wired and ready for rumble

  • Extensive experience in abnormal behaviour

  • Hugs are the best recipe for a RUFF day 😉