CREATIVE is proud to be one of PPB’s Greatest Companies To Work For!


The results are in for PPB’s 2021 Greatest Companies To Work For competition. This year’s winning companies represent a diverse group of over 10,000+ distributors, 5000+ suppliers and business services firms across the U.S. and Canada—from micro businesses with nine or fewer team members to companies with hundreds of employees at multiple locations. One decade after PPB first initiated this wildly popular competition, their editor and director of publications, Tina Berres Filipski, was enthused.  “After the challenges we’ve all been through over the past 15 months or so, it was a joy to give our member companies a way to engage their employees and an opportunity to celebrate!”

Competing companies had to be nominated by an employee. Then, PPB sent a 15-question survey to every full-time employee to rate their company in five areas: culture, benefits, resources, leadership, and company direction. Companies were also required to meet a required percentage of completed surveys.

After PPB tabulated the survey results, we are delighted to announce that CREATIVE Promotional Marketing Agency has the great distinction of being recognized as one of THIS YEAR’S TOP COMPANIES!


An Admirable Place to Work

Highly effective organizations share common qualities that define their culture and sustain their successes. A robust set of deeply embedded and broadly held values sets them apart; great companies have great cultures and are therefore great places to work.  Each day CREATIVE strives to maintain our centered, vibrant workplace culture. Peer evaluations and ongoing feedback surveys mirror our policies. It’s just not good enough to have unique ideas, products, programs, and services. Our company culture requires that we show integrity and walk the walk. To help define and build our customers’ culture, we need our own culture to be intact and thriving.



To fulfill our desire to hire the BEST employees―talented, motivated workers who can help our agency succeed – a solid employee benefits package was a great place for us to start. That’s because to recruit effectively, CREATIVE requires industry-leading employee benefits (note that you don’t need to break the bank)! We provide benefits that attract the most talented employees and consultants, resulting in minimal turnover, a healthy, productive workforce, and better overall morale. While offering these employee benefits may cost our agency a bit more initially, the long-term advantages greatly outweigh those outlays, and we believe they contribute to our overall success.



The most successful brands have leaders who pay close attention to the invisible elements that shape them. Our CREATIVE agency follows suit, using essential components such as company information, policies, core values, brand personality, and other resources to help us forge a powerful emotional connection with clients, prospects, vendors, and each other. In each of our offices across the regions, we demonstrate a clear and consistent company voice that brings life, vitality, and meaning to our promises. There are so many resources available to support and aid the success of our team. Each member is an integral part of our agency, and we invite them to get involved, provide input, and be a part of positive change.
Admittedly, there is an occasional temptation to overcommunicate information. Still, as we continue to create an award-winning environment where everyone is on the same page, we’ll continue with the winning formula!


Without Title

CREATIVE comprises every person in our agency. We tell our employees, “YOU are what makes this agency special, unique!” “YOU are who makes things happen!” So, if they recognize an area in need of improvement or want something accomplished, we don’t want them to sit in the wings, waiting for someone to make a change! That someone is them! We encourage leadership and ownership without title. Take on that task or project and CREATE the scenario you need to succeed!


Strategic Alignment

Our employees collaboratively created our agency’s core purpose & core values. We integrate them into everything we do, every decision we make – big, small, or seemingly insignificant. They are more than just a list of words; they guide our culture and have led us to build the healthy, dynamic, and contagious company culture that directs our team and sets our goals. At CREATIVE, we believe that we think and behave differently, and we challenge status quo thinking. The unique solutions we provide cannot easily be imitated or duplicated. Our insights serve our clients with originality, and our vision reshapes our industry.