BULLY PREVENTION is a charitable initiative we support and we are now collecting donations.
Visitors to our office can donate by dropping spare change in our KINDNESS METER and help support our cause.

Dare To Care is our bully prevention charity of choice. Learn more about Dare To Care below.


We believe, that a commitment to the communities in which we live and work strengthens relationships, minds and helps support causes dear to our hearts. We are most proud of our partnership with DARE TO CARE, an Alberta non-profit organization, and together we stand in support of BULLY PREVENTION in our SCHOOLS and WORKPLACES.

Dare To Care logo

About Dare To Care

While conflict is a normal part of life…bullying is NOT and should NEVER be tolerated in any environment.  #KnowTheDifference

Dare to Care is a unique program regarded as the most comprehensive and practical bully prevention program in Canada. Dare to Care enables schools, sport organizations, community groups and workplaces to mobilize and maintain a caring community.

Dare to Care is changing and saving lives.

Learn more about Dare to Care by visiting their website www.daretocare.ca

Please help Dare to Care, Canada’s most comprehensive Bully Prevention program,
reach more schools and communities in Alberta.