You never have to wonder who the best in the business are – their names are clearly marked. With TAS, CAS, MAS & MAS+.

A select group of highly respected individuals, less than 3 percent of all promotional consultants have achieved the level of experience, education and commitment required to obtain the Trained Advertising Specialist (TAS), Certified Advertising Specialist (CAS) , Master Advertising Specialist (MAS) or MAS+ designation – the recognized credentials in the industry.

It is because of their dedication to the trade, to their business, to yours, that certified promotional consultants deliver the highest standard of professionalism, knowledge, and expertise – skills achieved only through the constant pursuit of industry excellence.

CREATIVE is proud to have TAS, CAS, MAS & MAS+ certified consultants.

What does having certified promotional consultants mean to you?

  • EXPERIENCE: Certified promotional consultants meet the highest qualification standards. Certification is obtained only after a promotional consultant has been in the industry 3-5 years, completed an extensive education curriculum, shown an unwavering commitment to the industry through volunteer efforts and successfully passed a comprehensive exam.

  • INSIGHT: Certification is synonymous with insight, which means only those professionals who’ve competed the credentialing process fully understand all aspects of the industry, including best practices, business ethics, promotional products programs, advertising and marketing media and technology guidelines.

  • CONNECTIONS: Due to years of service as business leaders and volunteers within the promotional products industry, certified professionals are well connected, generating a sweeping network of contacts and a high-level of respect from distributors, manufacturers and suppliers.

  • KNOWLEDGE: Certified designees are the most up –to-date professionals in the industry. Always on the inside track regarding trends and best-selling products, certified promotional consultants can help you stay ahead of the competition by partnering you with the latest innovations in the industry.

  • SUCCESS: Certified professionals are in the top 3 percent of the industry for a reason-they know the industry, they know what works. Because of their robust industry knowledge, continuous education and real-world application, you can rest assured that when you work with a certified promotional consultant, you are working with a certified expert.

  • SERVICE: Certified professionals are trained to be full-services experts, providing you with complete marketing campaigns that are geared specifically toward your target audience, are on-budget and in-line with your success.


No matter the challenge, we can help you solve it.