Every year our agency opens its doors to prospects, our clients and the community. On September 19, 2019 our CREATIVE team hosted an open house event, Camp CREATIVE at an off-site location. At our event, we inspired our guests with case studies of successful campaigns, featured our industries NEW & INNOVATIVE Ideas/Products and created a fun, learning environment for people, who love marketing. We are truly blessed to have such amazing staff, who each year collaborate to offer engaging, entertaining and educational events, that inspire CREATIVITY.

Marketing Survival Kit from Camp CREATIVE Open House being revealed item by item

This year, the first 400 guests who arrived, took home one of our amazing MARKETING SURVIVAL KITS.  These kits contained promotional products and ideas to inspire and assist each recipients in the creation of their next successful event, promotion or campaign.

WHISTLE – Call attention to your brand
TAPE MEASURE – Measure the value of your marketing
EXTREME STICKY NOTE PAD – Make your marketing stick
GUM PACK – Add flavour to your promotions
LANTERN – Shed light on your brand
EMERGENCY MICRO CHARGER – Energize your brand
UTILITY PEN – Write your brand’s story
ECO STRAW KIT – Creative ideas that don’t suck
RFID BLOCKING CARD – Protect your brand’s identity
LENS CLOTH – Your roadmap to a successful promotion
MINI OFFICE DESK KIT – Small details can make big things happen

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