A Straightforward Approach to Acknowledging Employee Success

No matter the size of your company is here in Calgary, maintaining a consistent practice of recognition and rewards across your organization is crucial for its success. Our online employee incentive programs provide a convenient means for your HR, safety, sales, and marketing managers to achieve and surpass their targeted objectives.
Many thriving YYC organizations are opting for employee incentive programs, whether it’s to enhance and acknowledge safety measures or boost sales. By incentivizing and rewarding employees who consistently excel, you can witness significant enhancements in attitude, morale, and engagement in company initiatives. While safety is priceless, we can certainly recognize and reward it.


Motivating Employees to Attain Corporate Goals

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MOTIVATION for employees to achieve corporate goals

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BRAND NAME gift options related to employees demographics & lifestyle

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A simple method for RECOGNIZING EMPLOYEE success

The concept is straightforward. When employees accomplish predefined objectives, you recognize their efforts by awarding them points that they can exchange for rewards of their preference. We collaborate with you to establish a points system that aligns with your budget and overarching goals. Additionally, we consider their demographics and preferences and then assist in selecting products that will resonate with your staff.
With the ideal combination of products, a well-structured points system, and personalized branding, your employees will be inspired to achieve your objectives, all while enjoying the process! Empower and ignite the potential of your incentive program participants to attain their highest levels of achievement.

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What CREATIVE offers:

• A vast array of products
• A robust online employee incentives platform
• A devoted team to cater to all your needs
• Brand-name gift choices tailored to employee demographics and lifestyles
• Mobile-Friendly Responsive Websites

Our Calgary-based experts are ready to help you leverage their expertise to benefit your organization. They’ll help you effortlessly search for products by keyword, category, or price; view product details and preview your cart all on one screen; and navigate smoothly to the shopper-friendly cart and checkout. No matter the device you’re using, our Employee Incentive Program is optimized for its screen size.


Drive employee engagement and motivation by encouraging them to reach specific goals and rewarding their achievements with valuable and meaningful rewards. Employee Incentive Programs demonstrate that management values their efforts and serve as an effective public relations tool for the organization!

Put Our Expertise to Work for You

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Search products by keyword,
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View product details and
preview your cart all in one screen

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Navigate easily to the shopper-friendly
cart and checkout

Performance-based recognition points could be earned for:

  • Adhering to or surpassing safety protocols and working safely
  • Attending educational sessions or meetings

  • Completing courses successfully
  • Achieving a dealer’s minimum purchase threshold
  • Attaining specific hours, days, or years of work
  • Having punctual and consistent attendance
  • Providing exceptional customer service
  • Offering valuable suggestions
  • Meeting sales quotas
  • Acquiring new clients
  • Outperforming minimum performance criteria

  • Demonstrating teamwork

  • Embracing a healthy lifestyle

Multiple Email Campaigns promoting the new Employee Incentive Program

We’ll assist you in launching the program and ensuring effective communication!

It’s essential for your employees to comprehend the purpose behind the program, the regulations, and its functioning. They should receive consistent reminders about your incentive program, its objectives, and be motivated to strive for their goals!
We can collaborate with you to develop a comprehensive marketing communication plan to generate interest, utilizing various channels such as print materials, email campaigns, mailouts, promotional products, and more.


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5 start client review

When the Human Services Recognition Committee met last, we were having conversations about some struggles we were having, some frustrations we are facing and some of the things that were going well.

What became clear to the whole committee is that you are one of the reasons when things go well.  The committee identified how prompt and patient your agency is when it comes to responding to people.  You always address our concerns right away and from my own perspective, you are great at troubleshooting issues.  Our team members really appreciate the service that you are providing to us and the great attitude you show while doing it.  Your professional care is always apparent, no matter what we throw at you.

On behalf of the Human Services Recognition Committee, thank you for your ongoing support of our programs.

Lorna Stewart, Programs and Strategies Consultant – Alberta Human Services

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 A large majority of employees (91%) employees feel motivated to perform at their best when they have leadership support..


Top 25% of engaged companies experience 70% fewer safety incidents compared to companies with lower engagement.


Almost half of senior managers (46%) consider recognition programs as an investment rather than an expense.


Organizations with low employee engagement tend to have turnover rates that are 31-51% higher on average.

Performance-Based Recognition

Engage and motivate your employees to achieve targeted goals and reward them with genuine, meaningful rewards that are worth achieving. Employee Incentive Programs show the employees that the management is paying attention and they are a great public relations tool for the organization!



$999One-time fee
  • Hosting & Domain
  • Professional web design
  • User friendly interface
  • Up to 50 items included
  • Points balance display
  • Points management tools
  • Points history and reporting
  • Order status and tracking display
  • Labels identifying award recipient
  • User management tools
  • Order management tools
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Privacy protection – SSL certificate
  • Various distribution methods


$Let's talk!
  • Need LESS selection or want MORE custom options?
  • Custom design
  • More item selection
  • Alternate user levels
  • Order supplements
  • Alternate shipping requirements
  • Alternate invoicing requirements
  • Custom reporting
  • Let us know what you need and we’ll find a solution!

**Pricing is based on number of items offered, required features, and any necessary customization**
All prices displayed do not include GST.

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