Anna Paczkowska, FAM Certified


Anna is our creative genius with a serious knack for delivering marketing strategies that work seamlessly! CONTENT & BRAND MARKETING is her JAM! She uses original thinking and targeted visual graphics and design to form clear communications and clever promotions. Anna has been designing and delivering digital marketing and promotional marketing strategies since before Google became a verb. Her background also includes social media, web design, SEO/SEM, as well as, influencer and content marketing. With her vast experience in e-commerce and a gifted business mind, Anna brings an unmatched creative vision to our clients’ challenges in promotional marketing, as well as, digital and social media marketing space.

  • Passionate about all things pixel and vector

  • Focused not only on how a project looks but also how it can drive results for your brand

  • Connects the dots between new trends and the latest analytics, optimizing both in her work

  • Has true love and passion for e-commerce and what makes it work

  • “Craft is what you’re expected to know. Art is the unexpected use of the craft”

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