We are Overachievers, Creative Geniuses, Dog Lovers and often our clients tell us that we’re their Superheroes.

Our boutique promotional marketing agency in Edmonton, Alberta is built around our valued clients, finding the specific challenges they face and providing PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS solutions that are unique to them Since 1976 (40+ years) we’ve been supporting enterprise-level corporations, start-ups, mom and pop shops, as well as entrepreneurs. We specialize in clever ideas, sophisticated promotions and campaigns that require creative thinking.   We also work with all types of industries, all types of programs (Online Company Stores, Service & Safety Recognition) and we are up for any challenge that requires CREATIVITY & IMAGINATION.

CREATIVITY for our clients is our prime product. Our insights serve our clients with originality. Our vision reshapes our industry and we lead by example and set higher standards for service. Products come and go, but our enduring difference is our highly talented and creative people. We care more!


We provide imagination that sees what others don’t see and we challenge status quo thinking. The unique solutions we provide cannot be easily imitated or duplicated. We deliver solutions to challenges that our clients may not know exist and we take CREATIVE IDEAS and make them succeed! We include our clients in our  COLLABORATIVE consultations and all design processes along the way. To surge your brand forward, our experienced team will help design and guide your promotional marketing efforts, we are here to help!

Some of our most POPULAR SERVICE OFFERINGS include:

  • Promotional Products to Match Your Marketing Objectives

  • Branding, Logo Design & Refresh

  • Online Company Stores including Warehouse Fulfilment

  • Awards & Recognition Programs (Online Safety & Service)

  • Valuable Targeted Gifts or Giveaways (Packaging, Kitting, Gift Wrapping)

  • Uniform or Team Apparel (Corporate & Athletic)

  • Motivating or Rewarding Behavior (Lifestyle Products/Brands)

To view some of our successful and creative ideas,

Anchored Collective Custom Apparel Project
University of Alberta Biological Sciences promotion
wow lighting promotional products
Online company store for Talentcor
custom embroidered hats for grand opening promotion
vipond logoed hoodie


  • CREATIVITY – Creativity for our clients is our PRIME product. Our insights serve our clients with originality.
  • TALENT – Industry-leading and award-winning creative ideas to make your business stand out!

  • STRONG COMMUNICATION – We’ll keep you updated every step of the way.
  • PROFESSIONALISM AT ITS FINEST – Deadline oriented.
  • WELL ESTABLISHED – Over 40 years in the business. Not fly by night.
  • AWARD-WINNING CULTURE – Our happy healthy culture can help you build your brand within.
  • EDUCATION – Industry certified sales reps and staff with either Trained, Certified or Master Advertising Specialist designations (TAS, CAS, MAS & MAS+). Click here for more…
  • OUR CLIENTS COME BACK Read our testimonials.

  • SUCCESS – We succeed by helping you succeed. We’re in this together.


To develop authentic connections that inspire our clients to tell their brand’s story.


Culture Is Our Super Power – We invest in our dynamic culture and seek opportunities to build our clients’ cultures.
Leadership Without Title – Leadership is about making a difference, whatever your role is.
Laugh Every Day – Create laughter/fun each and every day.
We Are Givers – We come from a place of gratitude, giving back is a responsibility and a privilege.
Contagiously Positive – A negative mind will never give you a positive life.
Create Raves – Our clients, vendors, and employees raving about us is our greatest business strategy!

OUR AWESOME FAMILY promotional marketing agency in Edmonton

Can you spot the crazy cousin?


We never settle. So a typical office space just doesn’t work for us.

Pete Kmech Sr. - the founder of Creative, a promotional marketing agency in Edmonton

PPPC Hall of Fame


Creative Concepts was one of the first Promotional MARKETING organizations in Canada, established in 1976. Not to be confused with a Promotional PRODUCTS company that simply provides logoed products.  Right from the first day we opened our doors, CREATIVE used marketing intelligence and strategy in addition to logoed products to achieve our customers’ goals.  Founder Peter Kmech Sr. immersed himself not only in growing a trendy, hip company but also developing the promotional products and promotional marketing industry. Promotional Products Association of Canada is now called PPPC (Promotional Products Professionals of Canada) and we’d like to think that Peter Kmech Sr. had a part in changing the industry as well as the association into a professional organization. Peter served on the board for many years and was later inducted into the PPPC Hall of Fame in 2006. Now, the CREATIVE brand has evolved to become a small group of highly talented professionals, who operate as consultants in a Creative Agency, with many staff who has been with us since the beginning.

What our customers say about us…

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No matter the challenge, we can help you solve it.