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Welcome to our podcast, where we dive into the world of promotional products, brand marketing, and occasionally, digital marketing. Our hosts, Gary and Melissa, are two experienced industry professionals who are not afraid to discuss all the ins and outs of the promotional market. Together, they offer behind-the-scenes insights, tips and tricks, success stories, and even share failures. Join us as we explore everything related to the industry with their unique angles. Taking you on a journey into the world of brand marketing.


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Melissa Milligan


A powerhouse of passion, curiosity, and a whole lot of laughs! Melissa doesn’t just dip her toes into the industry; she cannonballs in with years of experience backing her every move. But here’s the kicker: Melissa’s not just in it to win it; she’s in it to win hearts. With her straight-shooting honesty and unstoppable drive, she’s like the ultimate brand ambassador on steroids.

Gary Chan


With a brain that’s always bubbling with fresh ideas, Gary’s all about crafting clever strategies that’ll make your jaw drop and your audience’s eyes pop. He’s not just staying ahead of the curve—he’s practically surfing on it! From promotional antics to social media shenanigans and even email escapades, Gary’s done it all, and he’s got the battle scars (and success stories) to prove it.


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