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ROB MANDRYK | February 1, 2024 • 1 min read / 1 min play

Rob Mandryk introduces the idea of building an online recognition award program for companies. The key points include creating a dedicated website displaying eligible categories and designed to align with the company’s branding. The process involves selecting awards with the help of promotional consultants, creating user accounts for eligible employees, and sending notifications for award selection. 

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  • Title: Online Employee Recognition Programs
  • Topics: Promotional Product Programs


Rob: My marketing tip is to build your recognition award program ONLINE so it is easily accessible, organized all in one place, and gives your employees the chance to select their own gift.

If you’re looking to start building programs for your company, this is a great place to start!

First, send us your logo and brand standards and we will create a website for you that displays the eligible categories and is designed to be an extension of your company.

Second, choose the awards you would like to showcase. One of our promotional consultants will assist you in selecting the right collection of awards that has the BEST perceived value for your group.

Next, you can then send us a list of people that will be eligible for an award and we will create their user accounts.

When it is time to select their awards, we will email notifications to each individual with a direct link to the website and instructions on how to submit.

Employees will then choose the award they want and submit their selections.

Once all selections are submitted, the orders are captured in a report and ready to order. We will order all the product together, label it, and ship it out to you.

Having an online program like this will save you lots of time and money by NOT having to coordinate this yourself. We will assist you every step of the way to make sure it is quick and easy!

Contact CREATIVE if you think a Recognition Program will work for you!”

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ROB MANDRYK | Rob is our Program Manager and has been partnering with customers for over 10 years to create exciting and efficient web-based programs to support their businesses. Programs such as e-commerce stores, service award programs, and incentive programs help our customers build their brand, enhance their culture, and organize promotional initiatives. Email Rob at