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ANNA PACZKOWSKA | February 1 , 2024 • 2 min read / 2 min play

Anna Paczkowska, Creative Director, advocates for the crucial role of landing pages in marketing campaigns. The message highlights the potential drawbacks of directing users to generic home pages instead of specialized landing pages tailored to their specific interests.

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  • Title: Landing Pages For Marketing Campaigns
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Anna: “If you are running marketing campaigns and not using LANDING PAGES, you are making a mistake and I’ll show you why.

Here’s a perfect example:

Let’s say a person clicks on an ad we created, which targets people looking for gutter replacement services.

They get taken to the home page. It’s a great looking home page BUT I’m interested in gutter replacements. So now I’m scrolling and looking for the information on gutter replacements… it’s probably somewhere under services, right…? I don’t know… why are you making me do this work? I’m getting frustrated now, I’ll probably leave and won’t click on that ad again.

Same scenario, I click on the ad and get taken to this page that has all kinds of information on gutter services I’m looking for. Great! Let me contact these guys!

A landing page’s MAIN purpose is to create a conversion based on the person’s interest at the moment they click on that ad. I mean… you are spending your money on getting people to click on that ad… why would you send then anywhere else other than a page that is dedicated just to what they are searching for?

Pushing products to market? Where should your prospects and motivated buyer be directed to? You guessed it, a landing page. Where they can IMMEDIATELY buy the product or give you more chances to convince them to buy it.

Organizing an event? Send them straight to the page all about the event where THE ONLY OPTION is to buy the tickets!

Landing pages even work with promotional products and printed material. This quarterly newsletter sends people to a blog post via the QR code. So now, this blog post is a landing page for this campaign that increases the overall SEO of the website by getting clicks and engagement and provides valuable information for their audience… all at the same time!

I hope I convinced you to add landing pages as part of your marketing funnel.

If you want to level up your next campaign, let’s talk!”

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