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AVERY LUSSIER | February 1, 2024 • 1 min read / 1 min play

Avery emphasizes that a website’s navigation serves as the roadmap to a business, crucial for guiding visitors efficiently. Through a visual demonstration, Avery contrasts a clean, well-structured website with a confusing, cluttered menu, illustrating the impact on user experience.

Episode Notes:

  • Title: Clear Website Navigation
  • Topics: Website Design


Avery: Business Owners! I want to share a crucial tip for your website – clear navigation.

A website’s navigation is like the roadmap to your business. It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about helping your visitors find what they need quickly and easily.

Now, take a look at this – a website with a confusing, cluttered menu. Visitors are left lost and frustrated.

But with clear navigation, including Mega Menus, your visitors can effortlessly explore your site, accessing a wealth of options without feeling overwhelmed. It’s a win-win!

And remember, it’s not just about desktop. Your navigation, should be seamless on mobile devices too, catering to all your potential customers.”

So, to all business owners, invest in clear, intuitive website navigation. Your visitors will thank you, and so will your bottom line!”

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