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MELISSA MILLIGAN | January 31, 2024 • 1 min read / 1 min play

Elevate promotional strategies with Melissa Milligan, CREATIVE’s Senior Promotional Marketing Consultant, by going beyond one-color logos and embracing themed packaging, customization, and interactive features to craft a purposeful and cohesive brand message, emphasizing the importance of thoughtful creativity in marketing endeavors.

Episode Notes:

  • Title: Branding… Think Beyond The Product
  • Topics: Promotional Products


Melissa: Think beyond putting a one-color logo on a product.

Consider themed packaging. For example, if your goal is to evoke warmth and coziness with a give-away then combine a blanket with a mug and a hot chocolate bomb. At the same time, you are creating a narrative around the gift as the recipient interacts with different parts of the product.

Think about the customization capabilities of an item. Creative did a campaign with an Asobu drinkware piece and a charger. We incorporated smart messaging on the actual pieces to align with the product and even added a hang tag with a QR code that required a course of action from the recipient. So not only do you get the WOW factor but there is an interactive feature included.

You could design artwork for a limited-edition sweatshirt, or jacket or t-shirt that all employees or customers will covet and keep wearing again and again.

There are so many ways to utilize promotional products in your marketing mix. By planning ahead, you can transform your promotional products into impressive tools for conveying a purposeful and cohesive brand message. Remember, you just can’t rush creativity!

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