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PETE KMECH | January 31, 2024 • 2 min read / 2 min play

Unlock the benefits of hiring a virtual marketing assistant with insights from this video, presented by Pete Kmech, President of CREATIVE. Learn about the advantages, including a fresh and creative perspective, the ability to handle tasks you dislike or lack expertise in, and the flexibility to hire for specific hours, reducing costs and allowing collaboration with a team of experts.

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  • Title: Benefits of Virtual Marketing Assistance
  • Topics: Virtual Marketing Assistance


Pete: Are you an owner, manager or marketer wearing too many hats in your organization? Or are you an

entrepreneur who just doesn’t know how to start marketing your business?

Perhaps you’ve thought about hiring a virtual assistant but just not quite sure if it’s the right decision.

In this video we are going to go over the benefits of hiring a virtual marketing assistant.

Well, I am here to share the benefits of hiring a highly skilled marketing expert or team of experts.

So, let’s drive in.

The 1st Benefit of working with an assistant or many virtual assistants is that they will

offer a fresh NEW & even CREATIVE perspective with a greater bandwidth of tasks. They have potentially

been working with clients in the similar space to you for many years, they’re experts at what they do

they do have a fresh creative perspective on your marketing strategies, on your content or the way

you’re connecting with prospects, and they will be able to help give ideas and things that you wouldn’t

necessarily think of yourself. So, they will offer a FRESH PERSPECTIVE & EXPERT OPINION.

2nd Benefit of working with a virtual marketing assistant is that they can start to take over the tasks that

you really don’t like doing or are skilled enough to complete. Like for example, you can source out your

social media management as well as the engagement, the scheduling but you can also build up to

outsourcing whole chunks of work like running Facebook ads, writing blogs posts, email campaigns, so

many different things you will be able to give them that as their whole responsibility to you can focus on

working on higher level strategies and working on the business instead of in the business.

Benefit #3 of working with a virtual marketing assistant is that you can just hire them for the hours that

you need them for. You don’t have to hire them for full time or part time hours so it can help reduce the

costs because you’re ONLY just paying for the hours or that they spend on your tasks or campaigns which

also means you’ll be able to hire multiple experts in the team that are an extension of your organization.

If you’re interested in getting teamed up with one of our marketing experts, simply click on the link below.

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