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GARY CHAN | January 31 , 2024 • 2 min read / 2 min play

Elevate your brand identity with quality promotional products, as emphasized by Gary Chan, Strategic Marketing Manager. While cost is a factor, statistics reveal that 87% of recipients remember advertisers on quality items, emphasizing the importance of triggering positive emotional reactions and creating lasting impressions for a more impactful and memorable brand experience.

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  • Title: A Quality Promo Experience
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Gary: Promotional Products, A Quality Experience

Every decision we make contributes to our brand identity. One critical aspect often overlooked is the choice of promotional products.

It’s always tempting to go for the cheapest options out there. After all, who doesn’t love a good deal? However, think about those flimsy pens you got from a tradeshow. Sure, they were affordable, but do you remember where they came from? Let alone identify the brand associated with it.

You’re not just handing out products; you’re giving your recipients an experience. You want them to scream excellence and reliability the moment they make contact.

Statistics show that 87% of recipients are more likely to recall the advertiser on a quality promotional product than just 52% for a low-quality one.

Now, let’s be honest; budgets are important. We can’t always get the most expensive thing on the menu. But what we can do is to change the narrative. Shift the focus from “How many can I get?” and “How much?” to…

“I want to trigger a positive emotional reaction towards my product, towards my brand.”

For example, giveaways at the tradeshow. Presumably, the lifecycle is a singular impression. So, in that case, pick a recyclable option and add a “reuse me” or “keep me away from the landfill” message. The feeling? My brand cares about the environment.

Another example is the wearable. Let’s be real; no one likes to put on “workwear” during their personal time. But we can change that! Give them something that will not stay in the closet. Focus on the quality of the wearable and the subtleness of your logo. Integrating a retail decorative design is even better. The feeling? I am what I wear, and I feel good wearing it.

Yes, the cost is going to be a little higher. But hidden behind the price tag is the reassurance that this product is vigorously tested. Not just for quality but safety as well.

Investing a bit more in promotional products may seem like a stretch initially. Still, when you consider the longevity and the positive impact on your brand image, it’s a no-brainer. Promotional products can’t buy you word-of-mouth, but they can certainly trigger it.

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GARY CHAN  |  Gary is a Project Manager and Social Media Specialist at CREATIVE Promotional Marketing Agency. With a B.Com Marketing Degree and Strategic Social Media Citation from the University of Alberta, his focus is mainly on promotional operation efficiency and social media communication. He is also a certified Master Advertising Specialist (MAS), so if you have any questions about promotional marketing, be sure to email Gary at