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PETE KMECH  | January 3, 2023 • 2 min read / 2 min play

Pete Kmech, CREATIVE’s President, goes over some features and benefits of having a correctly configured and optimized Google Business Profile ( GBP ).

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  • Title: Marketing Tips – Google Business Profile ( GBP ) Features & Benefits
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Pete: Hi, I am Pete Kmech and I am here to share the TOP 3 reasons why you need to invest in GBP for your Business. 

 The sweet, simple days of phonebooks are long behind us and THANK GOODNESS, because it is no longer a perk to have your business in an online directory, instead, it’s a CRITICAL step in promoting your local business. So I’m here to help you take the first step of understanding Google Business Profile, which is also referred to as GBP.  

 To start, what is GBP? Google Business Profile is like a VIRTUAL phonebook. Not only does GBP make your business easily found on Google, but it also helps you reach potential customers that would otherwise not know how to find you.  Additionally, online directories do more than simply direct customers to your contact information.  

 Today’s directories also build trust almost immediately by providing reviews, product or service costs, special offers, and even images of your work which becomes the “social proof of how you perform. Your GBP should be considered a secondary website that requires your attention on a regular basis. 

 Ok, let’s dive into the TOP 3 benefits: 

 Benefit #1. Your business will show up in Google Maps! 

 While a quick Google search is effective for narrowing down optionsespecially for consumers on a mobile device, over 86% of people use Google Maps to locate businesses nearby. By simply creating a GBP listing, your store location will pop up for local searches in your area. 

 Benefit #2. You can become a part of Google’s 3-pack 

 If you’ve used Google’s search results in the past, you’ve probably noticed that the local listings to show on a first-page preview are in a 3-pack format.  What most brands don’t know is that just by creating a free GBP listing you’ll show up high on the search results page, offering a major benefit to your impression share. 

Benefit #3. GBP helps you build trust with customers. 

One of the biggest and most important competitive hurdles consumers face today is building enough trust with their business.  

As a business owner, one of the simplest steps you can take to help with that is to provide them with your actual location with a short compelling story and your own photos to back that story up. This makes your business 3 times more likely to be considered reputable by consumers. GBP is known for its legitimacy and verification process providing consumers with a trustworthy environment that Google users can rely on. 

 To summarize, a common challenge local businesses face is that of getting an increase in quality website traffic as well as in-store visits.  

Having a Google My Business listing can greatly help boost your numbers across the board. To learn more about how our agency can provide you with a GBP playbook, contact me today! 

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