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BRIANA MEDWECHUK  | January 2, 2023 • 2 min read / 2 min play

Briana Medwechuk, CREATIVE’s Graphic Designer explains how QR codes can be implemented in your marketing campaigns. She gives quick examples and goes over an actual campaign that used a QR code to tie digital marketing and promotional products together.

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  • Title: Marketing Tips – QR Codes In Marketing
  • Topics: Promotional Products & Digital Marketing


Briana: Hello, my name is Briana and I am a Graphic Designer here at CREATIVE Promotional Marketing Agency.

Today I want to talk to you about QR Codes and show you one of CREATIVE’s actual campaigns that utilized QR codes to promote both our promotional products and digital marketing services.

CREATIVE held a sweepstake to show the power of BUNDLING promotional products with digital marketing services and give one lucky business $1,000 of digital marketing services. The theme was “REFRESH, RECHARGE and REVIVE”. To fit the theme we designed our promotional products, a water jug and mobile charger, with our branding and added a QR code, which when scanned would direct them to the sweepstakes webpage. 

That is only one example of how QR codes can be utilized in marketing but the possibilities are endless. Not only are the possibilities endless but the benefits too, as they’ve become an effective tool for a variety of purposes across several industries.

QR codes and fast, easy to use, require minimal space and can be placed anywhere. They also can be designed to fit your brand, you can change the colours (as long as they contrast enough) and even add a logo. 

They add a digital aspect to printed materials – whether that is a poster, flyer, or promotional product like the mobile charger we used in our campaign.

Qr codes allow you to interact with your consumers on the go and can be tracked to see how many times they’ve been scanned to measure the success and conversion rate.

CREATIVE can help your business integrate targeted promotional items into clever digital marketing campaigns to increase your brand’s impact and ability to stay top of mind.

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