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Anna Paczkowska, our Creative Director, explains CONTENT MARKETING and showcases an actual client campaign from start to finish. We take a look at how the objective of this campaign, which was to boost sales and increase digital marketing reach, was achieved.

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  • Title: Marketing Tips – Content Marketing Example
  • Topics: Digital Marketing & Pinterest


Anna Paczkowska: Hi, my name is Anna and I’m a creative director at CREATIVE Promotional Marketing Agency.

Today, I want to talk about CONTENT MARKETING and show you an example of an ACTUAL client campaign and its results. Let’s dive in!

Jibeprints.com is an e-commerce website that sells personalized prints and they came to us wanting to boost their sales and expand their digital marketing reach. 

We did an analysis of their audience and realized that Pinterest provided a perfect opportunity. We took a deeper dive and found out that tutorials and how-to articles tend to outperform other posts. 

Our strategy became clear.

We would post on Pinterest, which would link to a blog post which increased traffic to the product page and that resulted in sales.

Here’s the breakdown:

We published an SEO-optimized blog post about how to create a gallery wall that incorporated our client’s best-selling print. Again, these HOW TO articles tend to do well on Pinterest and it was a perfect topic for Jibe Prints.

We published all images to the client’s Pinterest boards, making sure each post had not only catchy visuals but was linked and included optimized written content.

It wasn’t long before the posts started catching the attention of our desired audience. Pinterest users, interested in making a gallery wall, started re-pinning our posts and sharing them with their own audience. This tends to have a parabolic effect on the metrics as new audiences are being tapped into, which were previously unavailable to us!

It’s been years since the original campaign started and because the posts are still live on so many boards, they still send buyers to Jibe Prints.

A positive side effect of this campaign was also an increased overall SEO performance of the website due to all of the extra traffic. The social media team was handed all of the content to double down on the strength of this campaign.

So as you can see, if you have STRATEGY implemented into your digital marketing funnel, you get the results you wanted.

Hope this sheds some light on how powerful content marketing is. If you want to see if it could work for you, contact me at CREATIVE.

Thanks for watching.

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Anna Paczkowska

ANNA PACZKOWSKA  | Anna is our creative genius with a serious knack for delivering marketing strategies that work seamlessly! CONTENT & BRAND MARKETING is her JAM! She uses original thinking and targeted visual graphics and design to form clear communications and clever promotions. Anna has been designing and delivering digital marketing and promotional marketing strategies since before Google became a verb. Her background also includes social media, web design, SEO/SEM, as well as, influencer and content marketing. With her vast experience in e-commerce and a gifted business mind, Anna brings an unmatched creative vision to our clients’ challenges in promotional marketing, as well as, digital and social media marketing space. Want more info about content marketing? Email Anna at Anna@acreativeagency.ca