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AVERY LUSSIER  | November 30, 2022 • 2 min read / 2 min play

LANDING PAGES are a game-changing tool to turn clicks into conversions. In this video, Avery Lussier our Web Designer & Digital Marketing Director discusses the importance of landing pages and why they’re a crucial part of your digital marketing funnel. 

Episode Notes:

  • Title: Marketing Tips – Landing Pages
  • Topics: Digital Marketing, Web Design, & 3 key factors in building an effective landing page


Avery Lussier: Hi everyone I’m Avery Lussier Web Designer down here at CREATIVE Promotional Marketing Agency.

Are you currently running advertisements and not seeing the results that you’re expecting, maybe even poor or no results at all?

My marketing tip to you would be to invest in landing pages as soon as possible!

Landing pages are standalone web pages that your customers land on after clicking on your highly-targeted ad.

The point of a landing page is to get a customer to do one action and one action only.

That could be buying your product or service, signing up for your mailing list or even RSVPing for your new upcoming event.

But the point is your customer is only doing one specific action when landing on this page.

There are three key factors in building an effective landing page.

First is proving them with the exact information they expect to receive.

There is nothing worse than clicking on an advertisement, landing on a page and being confused or worst of all…mislead.

So ensure the content you’re providing them on the landing page is the exact content that they’ve seen in the advertisement so you’re never once misleading your audience.

The second factor is to ensure that your web page has clever design and content.

This will help you engage your audience and also remove any doubts they may have about the offer or whatever the one thing is you’re trying to promote.

Factor number three and arguably the most important factor is ensuring your landing page is conversion focused.

The last thing you want to do is create an ad campaign and a landing page without a conversion-focused strategy and design.

So all throughout the page, you need to ensure you’re telling people what exactly you want them to do.

Whether that’s filling out a lead form, signing up for your email list or RSVPing for your next event you need to ensure throughout the page multiple times you’re conveying what you would like them to do.

So make sure your landing pages are conversion-focused.

If you want more information about landing pages check out the link in the description below or head over to our website to learn more about landing pages and how they can be so effective for your business as well.

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AVERY LUSSIER  |  Avery is a Web Designer and Digital Marketing Director at CREATIVE. For the last 8 years, Avery has focused on growing viral marketing campaigns with the power of social media and effective landing pages. If you have any questions regarding landing pages or web design, email Avery at