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MELISSA MILLIGAN  | February 1, 2022 • 2 min read / 2 min play

The world of promotional products is ever-changing; some products become part of bigger trends and some, like tech, for example, never stop evolving. There is always something new and exciting and products come from all over the world. In the midst of the pandemic though, this industry too has been somewhat affected by the supply chain issues, and a few extra points are worth noting if you are shopping for promotional products right now. Melissa Milligan, Senior Promotional Marketing Consultant, a seasoned expert in promotional products discusses how you can navigate the promo buying process these days. Watch this quick Marketing Tip from Melissa or read the transcript below.

Episode Notes:

  • Title: Planning Ahead Increases Success
  • Topics: Promotional Products, Promotional Marketing


Melissa Milligan: It’s Melissa here! I am a senior promotional marketing consultant at CREATIVE.

Have you ever found yourself looking at your calendar only to realize you have a week to order some branded promotional products for an event? The scramble is on. You call me and I say sure I can make something work for you. Here’s the deal though – you are restricted to certain products, you can only have a one-color imprint, there are additional rush charges and we will have to expedite your shipping to AIR overnight in order to get the product to you. Once the order ships WE all cross our fingers and hope that there isn’t some kind of natural disaster OR pandemic that delays delivery!

The world as we know it is still in upheaval. Make a change and start your planning early. Take a look at your year as a whole. Look at what events you are planning and share that information with me. The benefits are many. We will have a broader selection of goods and decorating methods to choose from. There won’t be additional rush charges. We will be able to ship best way ground. We can get more creative with the project. And the stress levels are kept at a minimum.

Help me to help you! Let’s connect and start planning.


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MELISSA MILLIGAN  |  Melissa approaches everything she does with passion, curiosity and humour. If you need a straight forward, unstoppable ambassador for your brand, then Melissa and you will be a great fit. Her experience in the industry means that she will ask the right questions from the beginning and offer up the best solutions to make sure that her clients are happy. Email Melissa with any question or request at