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CATHERINE BUCHANAN  | January 11, 2022 • 2 min read / 2 min play

Before you can sell anything, whether a product or a service, you must clearly understand who you are selling to! Buyer Personas are a helpful way to visualize your ideal client and plan your marketing strategy and content writing effectively. Watch the video or read on to get a quick overview of “Buyer Personas” from our editor/copywriter, Catherine Buchanan.

Episode Notes:

  • Title: Create Buyer Personas
  • Topics: Content Writing, E-Commerce


Catherine Buchanan: How do you produce content that stands out in 2022?

When writing content for consumers in a competitive market, you need to create personalized marketing messages that are highly relevant to your readers’ unique experiences.

One helpful way to improve those written messages is to create “Buyer Personas,” semi-fictional representations of your “perfect customer,” based on market research, stats about your existing customers, and some informed assumptions. Buyer Personas helps you understand the individuals you want to market your products and services to – an up-close character portrait. The more details, the better, but you should include a name, job title, gender, age, salary, and a list of their interests, challenges, and motivators. Use stock photos to put a face with each name.

Once defined, you’ll gain insight to guide your customers through the entire purchase process. You can write better, targeted content when you know what makes “Work from Home Wanda, Director Dave, or Party Planner Patrick” tick. Engrossing, solving challenges, and bringing customers closer to their goals will increase user engagement and conversion rates. And isn’t what we all want? Give Buyer Personas a try in 2022, and if you’d like help, reach out to me, Catherine, at CREATIVE Promotional Marketing Agency!

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