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PETE KMECH  | January 4, 2022 • 2 min read / 2 min play

In a world, where prospective clients turn to their screens and phones to learn more about ANY business or service and use the state of your online presence to make a decision, it’s ever-important to ensure your brand’s digital footprint is focused and strategic. In this episode of Marketing Tips For 2022, Pete Kmech, President at CREATIVE Promotional Marketing, discusses Digital Marketing Funnels and the importance of building them into your overall marketing strategy. Watch the video or read the transcript below.

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  • Title: Digital Marketing Funnel
  • Topics: Strategic Marketing


Pete Kmech: Hi My name is Pete Kmech, President & Director of Marketing at CREATIVE

In today’s unpredictable world many of our clients find comfort in our ability to create DIGITAL Marketing Funnels…especially as the world continues to shift to online purchasing.

A digital funnel uses online marketing tools to engage, track and measure your marketing investment which will ultimately predict your sales success.

My tip for you today is to consider shifting your marketing strategies towards a DIGITAL sales approach where you can generate more traffic, convert more & better leads, and ultimately increase your sales from repeat customers.

The top part of the funnel is where we fill it with traffic though either organic social media post or paid ads like Facebook & Google.

example of a Digital Marketing Funnel

We recommend using both organic and paid social media at the same time to engage, educate or even entertain your target audience. These posts and ads will drive traffic to your website or landing page.

Secondly, it’s crucial to build and grow your email customer list. We love using email marketing strategies as well as a cleverly written blog simultaneously with social media to fill the funnel and drive those leads to your landing pages. The combination of these tactics working together will supplement your funnel.

The middle part of your funnel consists of your landing or website page, which requires clever, concise copy, provides supporting graphics and a call to action with a lead magnet, form or purchase capability.

After receiving those leads or purchaser information, the bottom part of the funnel will require you to frequently engage with them by providing additional appealing content, product information, or service capabilities so that they turn into more frequent, loyal customers!

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Happy selling!

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