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ANNA PACZKOWSKA  | December 30, 2021 • 5 min read

CREATIVE Metaverse Experience

Yes, you read that right. We love to explore new opportunities and tools that are becoming available and some that are still on the way for digital marketers and their clients. And while the true metaverse technology is still just in its infancy, some early metaverses already exist. There are several platforms that sprout creativity and new ways of doing business and communication. In this post, we glimpse into our own CREATIVE metaverse experience and what’s still to come from some of the major brands already all-in to change the way we do… well… EVERYTHING!

Metaverse what?

If you are unclear on what metaverse is, you are definitely not alone. Most people are still very unfamiliar with what it is and what it can do…or rather… what YOU can do IN IT 😉

To sum it up in one, clear sentence, metaverse is an overlap of virtual and augmented reality with the real world. A space where all different aspects of our physical and digital lives converge. It’s no longer science fiction or stuff only gamers are interested in. Metaverse will transform all aspects of our lives from socializing, shopping, entertainment, self-care to productivity, finance, work, and business, and everything in between!

As I already mentioned, in a lot of early ways, the metaverse is already here and available on a lot of different platforms. Some of the more known ones are The Sandbox and the OG (so far) of all metaverse platforms – Decentraland. Built on blockchain technology, these platforms are available to anyone and already allow us to not only play or simply explore but also create, build, purchase virtual real estate, earn or trade cryptocurrency and even be fully employed in the metaverse.

Welcome to CREATIVE Metaverse Experience!

I am extremely excited to be able to watch as the metaverse grows and evolves and new companies, brands, and whole industries emerge along with it.

One of the newer metaverse platforms I found already quite interesting is Nowhere. It’s a platform that will allow you to explore different scenes/spaces and transform them into your own gallery or a virtual meeting place which you can share or invite others to for live events!

Imagine creating a virtual event, during which you don’t only see others sitting in front of their camera, but you can actually walk together through a custom-created and branded virtual place of your own! You get to have a chat, walk into different rooms to meet others that chose to be there, showcase your services, network, and most importantly, feel like you are IN THIS PLACE TOGETHER. Although it’s still in the early stages, that sort of immersion is already possible and it will only get more accessible and customizable!

Watch this video clip of our very own CREATIVE Metaverse Experience – a private walking tour… before everyone shows up 😉

Hope you enjoyed the tour! 🙂

And still, all this is just scratching the surface… It’s about to get a lot more immersive…

How will the metaverse change the way we work?

If you are even mildly interested in marketing then you no doubt have already heard of Facebook’s rebrand to Meta. Facebook, the social platform, is still called Facebook… but the brand behind it has changed due to its continued interest and investment in metaverse technology. Meta posted a video that explains all of the reasons behind this change and provides inspiring glimpses into what metaverse could one day be. But I wanted to keep this blog post focused on how the metaverse could change the way we work. So in this clip, you’ll jump right into a 5-min scene of the video that shows one work scenario that could soon be possible: working, collaborating, and interacting while working from home.

But HOW SOON will the metaverse change the way we work?

Depending on the nature of your job, it might be sooner than you think! The last couple of years has really propelled the virtual meetings technology and the need to feel MORE connected even though we are not physically in one room.
Because of these needs and to spearhead their version of the metaverse, Microsoft will be rolling out Mesh for Microsoft Teams in the first half of 2022. This will allow us to feel more present through personalized avatars and immersive spaces, as well as, collaborate in holographic experiences! Watch this 3-min video from Microsoft on these coming changes.

Is there more?

Well, I’m pretty much obsessed. It was really hard to write this blog post and keep it focused on what metaverse can do for us work-wise. Web2 brought us social platforms and user-generated content which revolutionized how we work and do business and created jobs that were previously unheard of. Now, Web3, a decentralized internet that makes metaverse possible is bringing so many opportunities… I am truly thrilled to be a witness… sometimes an early explorer… eager to see what it all could mean for us in promotional and digital marketing. And what we could then do with it for our clients!

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