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ROB MANDRYK  | December 27, 2021 • 2 min read / 2 min play

AWARD PROGRAMS are a fantastic way to reward your employees and engage them for continued success. In this video, Rob Mandryk, our Program Manager puts a fun spin on this topic and covers some ideas on when to reward your employees. Don’t miss the BLOOPERS reel at the end of this page – you won’t be disappointed!

Episode Notes:

  • Title: Marketing Tips – Awards Programs
  • Topics: Employee Appreciation Strategies
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Rob Mandryk: Hey, Rob here. Program Director at CREATIVE.

Wanted to talk a little bit about AWARD PROGRAMS.

So let’s recap the last couple of years …

2020 – Thumbs down.

2021 – Not great.

2022 – Coming out of the dark, business is starting to pick up again and hopefully budgets are too. What better time to gauge employee morale, look at how the company culture is doing, and start thinking about awarding the people that have fought through these years for continued success.

So, how can you award people? Well, the most common way of recognizing people is for hitting their milestones – 5 years with the company, 10 years, 20, 30 … 70 (if you work for the government.)

What are some other ways you can award people?

  • Did you hit your sales target through these crap couple of years … you get a BIG award.
  • Perfect attendance – you get an award
  • Clean safety record – you get an award
  • Stepped up big to help out the team on a project – you get an award
  • Learned how to unmute your camera – You get a HUGE award
  • Remembered to put on PANTS – You get TWO awards … one for each leg!

There are lots of ways you can award people and inject some positivity into the culture. Give us a call and we’ll find the best award program that works for you!

Visit these links and see how CREATIVE can help you with rewarding your team: Employee Recognition Programs, Employee Incentive Programs, Online Company Stores, Pop Up Stores.

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ROB MANDRYK  |  Rob is a Program Manager at CREATIVE and has been partnering with customers for over 10 years to create exciting and efficient web-based programs to support their businesses. Programs such as e-commerce stores, service award programs, and incentive programs help our customers build their brand, enhance their culture, and organize promotional initiatives. Rob strives to support his customer’s goals and objectives with effective and creative solutions. He enjoys providing value in areas that CREATIVE Promotional Marketing excels in and allows his customers to focus their attention on their growing success in their industry. If you have any questions regarding online stores and programs, email Rob at