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GARY CHAN  | December 21, 2021 • 2 min read / 2 min play

There are four areas of email marketing you should consider, when building your next email campaign. Gary Chan is a digital marketing expert who has been crucial in the development of our own email marketing funnel. In this video, Gary covers the four areas and explains why EMAIL MARKETING WORKS! Watch the video or have a quick read through the transcript below.

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  • Title: Marketing Tips – Email Marketing Works
  • Topics: Digital Marketing Strategies


Gary Chan: Email, one of the modern communication tools that we can’t live without. And yes, it is also one of the oldest tools in the ever-changing climate of the digital age, dating back to the 1970s for its conception. So the question is, why do we still use it? Well, the answer is simple, because EMAIL WORKS, and it has been proven year after year.

To start an effective email marketing campaign, at the most basic level, there are 4 areas that you should consider. In no particular order, they are Target, Design, Hygiene, and Regulation.

Let’s talk about Target first. Identify the “what” and the “who” for the campaign. What is your message? What will be your tone of voice? Who are your audiences and what do you want them to do after reading the email? Make sure you have a clear objective before moving forward.

Second, Design. Build the structure of your email in a way that your audiences can scan it. Be sure to support your message with enough, but not too much, visual and written elements.

Thirdly, Hygiene, in terms of email lists, of course. Is your email database up to date, free of unwanted contacts? Can they be segmented by interests, industries, or sometimes, by geographic locations?

And finally, perhaps the most important aspect, Regulation. Did you obtain consent to send commercial emails? Having a corporate compliance program and maintaining accurate records will help you stay compliant with spam and telemarketing rules.

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GARY CHAN  |  Gary is a Project Manager and Social Media Specialist at CREATIVE Promotional Marketing Agency. With a B.Com Marketing Degree and Strategic Social Media Citation from the University of Alberta, his focus is mainly on promotional operation efficiency and social media communication. He is also a certified Master Advertising Specialist (MAS), so if you have any questions about promotional marketing, be sure to email Gary at