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   EILISH LEMIEUX | June 17, 2021 • 3 min read

Don’t Let Flawed Copywriting Be Your Downfall

Have you ever received a business email riddled with spelling, punctuation, or grammatical errors? For some people, poor copywriting can be an absolute turn-off, while others may unconsciously turn away without actually realizing why. A poll for showed almost two-thirds of people are put off by bad grammar.

It astounds me when I see billboards or lawn signs with errors. I think to myself, “there are only a few words on that sign and there is still an error!!??”

No one expects (or can deliver) copywriting perfection but taking the extra step before pressing send or print can mean the difference between getting the business or seeing your potential customers move on to someone who seems more polished.

Why You Should Consider a Copywriting Professional

Poor copywriting can make you look amateurish at best, and sloppy and unprofessional at worst. It may also make people think twice about giving you their business. They may assume “if they can’t be bothered to make their own website/newsletter/brochure/email marketing look good, they probably won’t put that much effort into the work I give them.”

Let’s face it, writing and editing aren’t for everyone.  Heck, some of us considered our high school English classes as prime napping time! Also, very few of us are “jack/jill of all trades.” Meaning, sometimes it’s best to let a professional help with your content creation so you can continue focusing on doing what you do best. Here are just a few advantages to using a pro:

  • Prevent embarrassing or costly mistakes (see the image on the right).
  • Provide copy that pops.
  • Allow more time for you to focus on what you do best.
image illustrates flawed copywriting that may affect your brand image

A Missing Comma Cost How Much?!

Still not convinced? If you’re in the “grammar doesn’t matter” camp you may want to pay attention to a lawsuit in which a company had to pay out millions because of a missing comma. Yes, you read that correctly – millions!

In the widely referenced Oxford Comma court case, a Maine dairy company had to pay a $5M settlement to its truck drivers who successfully argued they were entitled to years of unpaid overtime because of the way commas were used in the state’s laws governing payment.

If the legislation had been worded using the Oxford comma (a serial comma) in its listing of duties, the dairy company would have been five million dollars richer.

Yes, this $5M settlement is an exceptional one – one that most businesses would not have to face, but it illustrates the importance of getting things right in copywriting.

Who Needs a Copywriting Professional?

Following is a list of who may want to consider using a professional content creator:

  • Anyone who relies on written communication in any aspect of business.
  • Anyone who wants to spend more time focusing on other aspects of business.
  • Anyone who wants to beat out their competitors.
  • Anyone trying to attract more business through websites with key SEO content, social media, email marketing, or printed promotional materials.
  • Anyone who snoozed through high school English classes!

We all make mistakes. But don’t let writing errors cost you new or existing business. Hiring a professional copywriter/editor could make a world of difference for your company and if you are looking for this type of service, CREATIVE is here to help. Simply reach out to us at .

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