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   CATHERINE BUCHANAN | July 9, 2020 • 6 min read

CREATIVE Promotional Marketing Agency recently announced that they would soon be offering new, BREAKTHROUGH digital marketing services. I was pretty psyched to hear that Search Engine Optimization would be one of them! I knew SO many companies who were overwhelmed with this aspect of online marketing, and it only made sense to use CREATIVE’s experts to add SEO as an essential service on their virtual services menu!

SEO History 101 – The Early Years

I first heard of SEO MARKETING (as it is commonly known), over twenty-two years ago, in the pre-Google era. Back then, SEO was pretty simple for companies to manipulate. The video streaming business I worked for had a full-time staff member whose job was to put keywords all over our website to generate traffic. It was relatively elementary, though, and the results were irregular and somewhat unreliable.

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SEO and the Google Revolution

Then in the late ’90s, the world’s most popular search engine was launched, along with a new era of SEO. Google focused on citation links to connect as many websites as possible to the host website.  This change enormously improved how SEO experts were able to optimize, by remixing and churning out new content. These methods worked for a while, but the downside was a massive uptick in spam and crappy websites. Search engines back then were often clogged with a bunch of irrelevant junk that had nothing to do with real company offerings.

From Revolution to SEO Evolution

Fast forward to 2011 onward, and Google implemented some significant changes that would improve the quality of the SEO industry forever. The back-end updates they made vastly improved the user experience, by targeting and punishing low-quality websites, bumping those of higher-quality to a higher ranking. However, the new rules and expectations were more complicated, and since that time, companies have often found themselves scrambling to stay on top of the latest SEO methods. Using outdated tactics can actively kill a company’s rankings. It’s just one more thing to learn and do, in an endless array of marketing tasks.

My Website is Already Optimized! Why Do I Need SEO?

So why take it on at all, you ask? Matching your webpages, products, and services with what people are searching for online is both an art and a science. But it’s also an absolute requirement in the age of the internet. Alongside your Social Media and Content Creation, Search Engine Optimization should be a crucial part of your entire marketing strategy. Whether you have a small company with a single landing page or a large business with a complex website, you just need an SEO BREAKTHROUGH, and it could make all the difference!

CREATIVE Promotional Marketing Agency discovered the importance of SEO marketing when it experienced its’ benefits first-hand. Within a year of implementing the strategies suggested by their in-house digital experts, the CREATIVE name and website were consistently one of the top entries on the first landing page of Google searches. In the competitive landscape of promotional marketing, this advantage made all the difference in attracting new clients.

Consider this example too:

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A local restaurant recently hired Digital Marketing consultant Daniel Tendera to implement their SEO strategy. The owners were frustrated by not being discovered through Google Maps, despite being located in an area with lots of foot traffic, primarily comprised of people interested in dining. Potential customers overlooked them because they didn’t appear in online searches. Daniel optimized their Google My Business account, did keyword research, and suggested a strategy for posts and answers to reviews on their Google My Business. He also implemented Google Reviews on their WordPress website and optimized their pages for faster loading on mobile phones.

Furthermore,  Daniel streamlined their mobile design to simplify reservations. After a month and a half, their restaurant was in the top 3 results of the Google Local Pack! They even had reviews mentioning that customers found them on the maps without prior knowledge of the restaurant. For the piece de resistance, he created a measurement and tracking tool to monitor if and how users convert on the website. The results indicated that the website traffic from organic search is 60% of all the traffic and organic traffic accounts for 80% of their reservations online.

So whether a company is looking to generate sales through a targeted audience or draw organic traffic (as showcased in Daniel’s example), SEO has proven time and again, to contribute to the success of those goals.

The Bottom Line on SEO: Let the Experts Do it!

If SEO is something utterly new to you, or you’ve already tried your hand at it, and haven’t quite had the results you hoped for, it’s time to consider outsourcing the tasks. Assess your goals and whether you have the time and in-house expertise to achieve them without help! At CREATIVE Promotional Marketing Agency, we are unique in terms of our services, experience, and price, allowing for the best possible results within your budget. Our SEO experts will analyze your website and competitors’ websites and suggest strategies to elevate your ranking on Search Engines and Maps. They’ll find the most used keywords that relate to your business. They’ll enhance your website’s loading speed and crawlability. They’ll submit and ensure your proper and consistent placement in local directories. They will give you clear and regular monthly updates, showing work done, keyword rankings, and traffic to your website. All this, while you focus on the core business that YOU KNOW BEST!

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And speaking of our SEO experts, CREATIVE is excited to announce that the shrewdly aforementioned Senior Digital Marketing Consultant, Daniel Tendera, is now a part of CREATIVE’s Virtual Marketing Team! Daniel is our digital lead-generation guru, whose insight into web analytics will guide you in making the right marketing decisions for your business! Drop him a line at and let him work his magic for you!

Ultimately SEO success is right at your fingertips!

Reach out today to find out how CREATIVE’s professional marketing services will benefit you!

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