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   CATHERINE BUCHANAN | April 15, 2020 • 2 min read

Well friends, the time for excuses is over. After what seems like a lifetime of writing and editing every imaginable type of marketing content, I am finally writing a blog. Eeeek.

So Blog Already!

So why have I never blogged before, you may ask? I love writing! It’s my job! When I’m not writing marketing content, I’m always finding reasons to put the chaos of my thoughts into a written format. But, despite attempts to overcome a brain mire of creative insecurity, fractured focus, and distractions shared by freelance writers everywhere, I have not, to date, taken that final step into Blogdom!

Until now. Turns out it only took a pandemic and an invitation to be a part of an exciting creative marketing team to get me started!

Zig When They Zag

Last week the leadership team at CREATIVE Promotional Marketing Agency reacted to what they were hearing from their clients. They made the critical decision to ZIG while everyone else is ZAGGING. Responding to market challenges, the company is making an immediate shift to expand their current promotional marketing solutions in order to fulfill clients’ changing needs during and after the current health and economic crises.

CREATIVE’s new, post-Covid19 mandate will fully support a business climate that was already becoming increasingly virtual, enabling clients to focus on rebuilding their bottom line without the need to hire in-house marketing staff.

From Social Media Marketing Management and Virtual Assistant Services to Website Building, Management, and Maintenance, CREATIVE Promotional Marketing Agency will use their team’s expertise to provide comprehensive and relevant solutions to meet every marketing need.

A New Chapter

Best of all? They want me to contribute to their blog page to share this journey! As a contributing editor and content provider for CREATIVE, I will use this blog to provide unique insight into their exciting new venture and the ways that they can assist with your evolving business requirements!

‘Til Next Time

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