Studies agree: cash is not king – GIFTS are more MOTIVATING. They are also more memorable! The recipient will not only remember the gift but who gave it to them… enter YOUR BRAND! A gift tells the recipient that you took the time to select it, which means you VALUE the recipient. And since you are reading this, it is safe to assume that you VALUE and CARE about your employees and clients.

In this post, we cover promotional product ideas your employees and your clients will love and appreciate this holiday season.

Holiday Gift Ideas
For Employees And Clients

A Good Bottle Of Wine Is Always A Good Choice

So now that we pushed that unimaginative cash aside, let’s focus on some really creative ways to say “Thank you for your business this past year!”, starting with…. Custom-etched bottles! Yes, this can happen! Grab your favourite bottles of wine, scotch, etc. and we can etch your brand and a holiday message right into it! Complete with a color fill to match your corporate colors!

a wine bottle customized with a company logo

Sweet Gifts For That Sweet Tooth

The one thing that’s hard about buying gifts for employees and clients is that you are buying for many people at once and whether your budget is small or large, you are dealing with quite a few likes and dislikes and have different personalities to think of. Well, of course, there is one gift idea you can never go wrong with at Christmas… CHOCOLATE! We’ve looked hard for what the world of chocolate can offer this year for corporate holiday gifts and these are our favorites:

logoed chocolate cookies and other branded chocolate holiday gifts

Create a custom experience with a cookie card, which is fully imprintable for that extra branding opportunity. Have your logo molded into a chocolate bar with a fully customizable wrapper, or choose a gift that keeps on giving day after day, such as a chocolate Advent calendar! Custom cookies make fantastic stocking stuffers, while a variety box can become a more sophisticated gift!

Warm And Cozy Promotional Ideas

Scarves, mittens and especially toques are real winter staples when it comes to employee holiday gifts. It goes without saying that people love to bundle up in winter and from your company’s perspective, this could mean PERFECT GIFTS because they keep your employees happy and warm and your brand at the forefront all season long! Plus, those long “Netflix and Chill” winter nights can get warm and cozy under a stylish blanket!

logoed toques, scarves, mittens and a customized blanket in holiday packaging

One-Of-A-Kind Gifts For Employees And Customers

Bring out their inner foodies

This can get quite cheezy… but it’s supposed to! 😉 Get a gorgeous, live-edge walnut cutting board with your company logo lasered into it. Top it off with gourmet cheeses, crackers, jams and meats for a completely custom and unique gift that any foodie can appreciate! Want to take it to another level? Add in a couple of etched glasses and even a wine bottle (see the beginning of this post) and you now have a very special and memorable executive holiday gift for those on your “nice” list!

Charcuterie board created with a custom cutting board with a company logo laser engraved into it
logoed light box with a holiday message

If you are looking for something longer lasting, and if you want to keep your brand relevant in the eyes of the recipients, consider this super-trendy Cinema Light Box. They have been popping up in homes and offices everywhere and they can become a truly versatile gift for anyone. And that’s because those who get them can customize them with their own message!

Go to our Product Video Gallery to view this product in action!

The light box comes with an alphabet of 60 letters and symbols which can be used to create a message for ALL of the holidays plus other fun or inspiring quotes in between the holidays! Here are some of the best we’ve seen:

message ideas to arranged in the cinema light box holiday gift

Promotional Product That Become Valued Holiday Gifts

Whichever gifts you choose to give this year, remember, your employees deserve appreciation and reward for their hard work. And the holidays make a fantastic opportunity for yet another touch point with your clients as well! The items above were chosen because we think they would actually appeal to the highest percentage of your employees and clients. But of course, we can’t show it all in one post. If you’d like to see more promotional ideas for the gift-giving season, flip through our Holiday Gift Guide!

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