Your clients love their tech products. And well… you love your clients, right? So if you are searching the market for a fast giveaway, a client gift, something to WOW them or make their life easier, all the while, dazzling them with your brand’s promotional prowess, read on…

In this post, we round up five best tech accessories for every budget. These promotional products can be quickly built into your next marketing campaign and will seriously strengthen your brand’s reach.

Top 5 Best Tech Accessories in Promotional Products

Webcam Cover

BIG on online security!

If the majority of your clients are spending a lot of time in front of a screen or a mobile device, and frankly… who isn’t?… then there is one item that is guaranteed to place your brand in their eyesight… The SpySafe Webcam Cover! With full-color capabilities and a custom backing card, this small item goes a long way to ensure big brand impact in your clients’ minds!

SpySafe Camera Cover

Looking for a more subtle, classic look? Once mounted, the Webcam Cover shown below looks like it was built into your device! Simply slide to open and reveal your device’s camera lens.

sliding camera cover

These camera lens covers are a great promotional marketing idea for campaigns related to security, online security, cyber-safety. EVERYONE NEEDS THIS!


A SMARTER smartphone!

When it comes to branding, we’d argue that nothing could compete with the backside of a device. Here’s why: the average person engages in 8000+ public phone calls and text messages a year. That’s a lot of impressions. In fact, it’s more impressions than what the SuperBowl delivers. And way less millions of dollars 😉 Win – Win!

Watch the video below to see PopSocket Grips in action.

PopSocket Grips - tech accessories in promotional products Edmonton

PopSocket grips are a powerful – and fun – way to get your brand message out there over and over (and over) again. Because, like that one rapper said, “It’s all about the impressions.”

Great promotional marketing idea for: events, social media campaigns

The Wedge Mobile Device Stand

Give your smartphone a rest!

Whether in the office, at home, or even on an airplane, this beanbag-like stand cradles your smartphone for a hands-free look at your screen. From keeping recipes front and center to propping up your favorite Netflix show on a plane, the Wedge is the tech accessory you need to simplify your life. PLUS, the plush microfiber on the bottom will clean your screen when you’re done using it.

The Wedge Mobile Device Stand - full colour promotional product

We LOVE the full-colour branding capabilities of this promotional product! Use the Wedge’s unique, attention-grabbing power to showcase your brand.

Great promotional marketing idea for: employee gifts, stocking stuffer, client giveaway

Cord Organizer


Every office “must have” and it is bringing order to chaos! That’s the functionality of our Twist Cable and Cord Organizer! Who doesn’t have a tangle of cables around their office, RIGHT?? But this fun thing has a second functionality too, and that is, putting a fresh new TWIST on promotional marketing! Custom imprinting on both sides will make your brand’s message SHOUT in full, vibrant colour! Sooo… TWIST & SHOUT it is and branding has never been this organized!

cable and cord organizer customize with a logo

Great promotional marketing idea for: trade show giveaway, stocking stuffer. EVERYONE NEEDS THIS!

Soundwave Audio Bottle

How does HYDRATION SOUND to you?

Who would’ve thought that combining a water bottle and a speaker together would turn out to be such a perfect match?! But don’t think of this as a novelty item! This is a well built, double wall, stainless steel, 22 oz. water bottle that will keep your drinks cold for 48 hours and hot for 12 hours! PLUS it will also blast your favourite soundtrack to keep you motivated at the gym, entertained at an outdoor event, or will support your conference calls for easy, hands-free operation at work! The screw-on lid has a built-in Bluetooth speaker which is complete with flashing LED lights to provide hours of on-the-go entertainment.

Soundwave Bottle customized with a logo

Great promotional marketing idea for: golf and company events, holiday gift for clients and employees

Keeping Your Brand Relevant

The ever-changing technology world is hard to keep up with sometimes. Instead of looking for a flashy accessory of the season, which may not be so relevant next year, we decided to highlight products based on their longevity, branding capabilities, functionality, and usefulness. Products that people actually WANT to use on a daily basis for a BIGGER BRAND IMPACT! After all, a relevant promotional item makes YOUR BRAND more relevant.

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